Hoppa till innehåll

Studying like crazy

maj 28, 2013


which means nothing. And that’s what I feel like. Dumped and stressed like hell and work is taking over my live. I have my two finals this week and a book in 400 pages.. which I have read a hundred of. I’m dying. Without English C and Mathematics C I can’t go to university and I am freaking out. Why did I have to be dumped right now and why is someone moving into our apartment right now and why and why and why………. 


hashtag, dead. Please save me!


It’s been over a year already..

mars 9, 2013

Hello Folks,

It’s been over a year since I wrote a blog post. My last post was about confusion, confusion because I didn’t know what to choose. But I chose the option my heart was beating for and it was a good choice. I promise!

It’s it’s March 9th today and since I spoke to you last time, I have graduated high school, got a job, I am studying as well, I have kept my first New Year’s resolution and I’ve turned 20 years old and have had a wonderful boyfriend for almost a year.

I have a lot of things to do everyday and I feel stressed and tired all the time. But I’m happy because I have a goal I’m aiming for and  I have a beautiful boyfriend who’s keeping my head up.

It’s been a difficult year, I mean.. reaaally hard. But I know my life turned to something better and if someone would ask me how I was, right now. I would say, it’s good, it’s really good! but I’m very tired.

I will start write again, but I assume it will take a while be back on track again. And as soon as possible, me and  my friend Ivan is starting another blog and that feels great! I’m so excited! but I have to build the website and he needs time to write because he’s studying like all the time. But I’m looking forward to it anyway.

Tomorrow, me and my boyfriend have our first year anniversary!

And here below is my baby and then a picture of both of us.


Holy Monday (or at least today’s Monday is!)

februari 20, 2012

I’m sitting here in my room.. and I stare at the floor and I am smelling my hair and have done for nearly ten minutes. (I might have a diagnosis? Retarded-smelling-your-hair-diagnosis)

What a busy day I’ve had. Been home and cleaned both my room and my bathroom, cut a pair of shorts out of a pair of ugly jeans and spoiled my body with different peelings and smell-good products. And I feel pretty damn good and calm. And in an hour, I’ll take the bus to Linnea and we’ll eat dinner and then we go out to a great nightspot and take a glass of wine.

Yes it is a great way to start the week on! 😀

By the way, I have encountered problems. I got a choice issue! Who should I choose? The person that interests me the most, but who I don’t know what he think about me? or the one who clearly said what he wants with me? But who I’m not interested in at all? yet (!?)

I think I gave myself the answer here. I would be stupid otherwise. I have written before that I think love is to dare! so I guess I shouldn’t go for the safest way here. So I think I’ll go my own little way instead and just keep my fingers crossed instead. It’s well needed! because I may get completely alone haha. ”Uncertainties” is stupid as fuck! But still.. fun, if I get what I want! 😛

God I am hungry! Have to pack my bag and soon enough walk to the bus!


Those meaningless conversations on Facebook when you really should study.

februari 20, 2012

I guess you don’t understand what we’re saying, but it doesn’t matter. It’s just another pointless conversation I had when I should be doing more important stuff!

just another youtube clip.

februari 19, 2012

Isn’t this just beautiful?


WSJ – a message from space

februari 19, 2012

Oh my God! I have tears in my eyes and my heart flew right out of my chest a few seconds ago.

For months now I’ve been looking like crazy for the greeting from space, we got on my World Scout Jamboree this summer. NOW! I found a small clip. Maybe not the best but I remember how I stood in the audience just gasped when it was a man in space who said hello to us. Can you even understand the feeling? I don’t think you do, unfortunately .. it doesn’t sound so remarkable perhaps, but it was very cool.

I have been sitting and looking at lots of clips from the WSJ 2011 tonight and I miss it so much. The whole camp was so awesome even though it rained a lot. But it’s Swedish summer so what can I say? I’ll put the up the videos that make me shudder, smile and laugh to cry the most here on the blog.

And Ivan! Become a scout now so you can go to Japan 2015!!! 😀

A message from space

I guess those who didn’t order thememory package got to see this instead.

Beautiful photos from the Jam.

PLOPP – I laughed so much when we did this.

The swedish king ofc!

And I know this is a weird one, but I miss our dining hall!!  

Bear Grylls, pretty fucking awesome


That big smile you have on your lips when you’re daydreaming

februari 18, 2012

I’ll take it all the way and say that this is the cutest music video I’ve seen in quite a long time! I think everyone can recognize themselves in daydreams once in a while! It’s a damn good song too.

Hey baby what you doing over there? ………….. Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, Na, Na, Na!