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New blog, new dreams and new possibilities

december 15, 2011

So here we go again..


After I had four blogs already I decided now that I should go for a fifth blog. I felt that I want to start again. And after I had my previous blogs on and I decided now to run on something more international. I mean, anything that does not end with ”.se”. So I thought sounded more obvious. Especially now when I have decided to run on a more international blog. So from now on, I will only write in English.

But now you might ask yourself why I, as a Swedish citizen, girl and human, decided write a blog in English and not Swedish? Well, the answer is quite simple.

… I think I’ve always known that I’m a person who could never stay in this cold country called Sweden, the rest of my life to freeze my ass off, when I know there’s a whole world out there waiting to be seen. By me! So Lately I’ve been thinking a lot. Where am I going? It Hasn’t Been easy, I’ve been thinking of norway, america and africa, but I did not know where I should go exactly, and I didn’t know what to do there either.
But now my mind has opened a major interest in the Spanish language. It may have to do with the fact that my father is a Chilean, and all my siblings seems to be talking better spanish than me (I am the oldest, so I have no idea how this happend..?). So I decided that I definitely want to go to any country where I can learn Spanish. Therefore Spain or South America ..

At first I thought I could go to Spain to learn and then go with my dad and my little sister to Chile so I was ready to use my spanish when I talked to my relatives and my grandmother. And then develop it into latin American spanish.  But I’ve already been to spain so many times with my family! and if you compare Spain and Chile, Chile will beat Spain at every levels. I have relatives there, chile has this fantastic nature and Scout that I am, nature is extremely important to me. And of course I have chile in my blood.

So now at last. I have been looking myself to death by language schools in Chile so I can learn Spanish. I’m not joking when I say this, but I have become obsessed! this is what I’m doing…

  1. I find a school,
  2. I open up Google Earth,
  3. And then.. I am sitting and compare the distances between schools and the beaches and everything else that attracts to see which one is the best choice.
    (But everyone seems to be around San Cristobal Hill so I don’t think it matters whish one I take……)

You think I’m crazy. Well it’s okay! I think I’m crazy too. Because I’m serious!

But what has this to do with the fact that I want to write my blog in English? – Because, when I go to Chile I surely hope to make new friends and because I hope that my friends and family in Sweden are curious about what was going in Chile, I would like to have my blog written in English so everyone can read it. Very simple!

And I know .. This first blog post was very long, and for those who reached down here, I just want to say thank you to you, that you are interested in what I have to write! I hope you continue reading. But before I get started with writing for real, I must overcome my blog design. Because this looks terrible! I love HTML-codes, but WordPress uses CSS? so I have to learn again!

Follow your dreams!
That’s what I do anyway, and right now my goal is to get to the … Ciudad de mis sueños, Santiago de Chile ♥

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