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Goddamn I’m good!

december 16, 2011

I’ve just had a math test. My whole life I’ve had to fight really hard with math, without progress. And the past six months, I have studied so incredibly hard with my aunt, so I could show my teacher that I don’t have dyscalculia like they thought I had.

Both test parts felt good, but the MVG part felt fantastic and I hope it really was as good as it felt. I am proud of myself! And I am so glad that my aunt made this through with me.

I’m a happy girl right now!

Oh and by the way, ”Mvg” is the highest grade level in Swedish schools.

Mvg = Mycket väl godkänt = Very well accepted.. or approved? I don’t really know haha!

Lots of Love. Natascha ♥

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