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december 16, 2011

Hey Guys!

I want to show some songs that I really like, here on the blog. It’s may seem like many to you but of all my favorites is this just a few of them. Maybe you find something that you like?

Spanish music – That’s what I’m listening to the most. I love it ♥

  Nigga – Te Amo Tanto

  Wisin y Yandel – Estoy Enamorado

  Wilkins – My puerto rico (I think this is wilkins, but I’ not sure, and the song is a soundtrack from my favorite movie, Salsa)

  Wilkins – Yo tengo un nuevo amor

  Alejandro Sanz (feat. Alicia Keys) – Looking for paradise

  Daddy Yenkee – Llamado de emergencia

  Grupo La Noche – Mal Amor ….. I get so many flashbacks of this song. I listened to it all the time last summer. Especially on the World Scout Jamboree. As soon as I went somewhere by myself, I brought my iPod to avoid having to sit alone and do nothing, and this is what I listened to!

  Aventura – Amor de madre
I didn’t found this song by my self. There was a guy I met this summer at my scout camp who told me I should listen to this one.. It’s a beautiful song, don’t you think?

Kumbia Freaks – Ya no estoy loco por volverte, This is my dads cousins boyfriend and his band who’s singing a cover. They are really good! But I couldn’t find it you youtube, so I had to upload this one on youtube my self..

  Chino y Nacho – Niña bonita! One of the best songs ever. And a big plus + they are really cute! but hey, seriously, which latino isn’t?

  Tony Haze – Tocarte toda. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find a better video…

  Prince Royce – Stand by me. I loved Jason Mraz version of stand by me. But a few days ago when I was dancing salsa with my sister, she put on this song, and Jason Mraz version wasn’t that good anymore.

Okey, so this is those songs I currently can’t do without. Really good songs that you really shouldn’t miss. And if you don’t like Spanish music, well.. then maybe you should start liking it, because it’s so good.

………. (I’m tired, this took time to do.. or not the writing, but choosing between all the music)

Lots of Love Natascha ♥

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