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december 16, 2011

My class has a facebookpage where we can update eachother of what’s going on with homework   and ask eachother for advices when we need help. And we have albums with photos from school-trips and stuff. It’s really good! And sometimse we just put up one photo on the wall.. and today, one of my classmates shared this picture with us, and she wrote..

”Säger bara …… Madeleine”

Which means..

”Just saying…… Madeleine”

Okay. High school in sweden. We go three years in High school, and my first year I had a great teacher but he quit and we got a new teacher the second year. I liked her a lot and some people didn’t like her but then she also moved. So this year. The last year, we got a third teacher. And it sucked when I heard that. how can they give us a righteous final grade if a teacher hasn’t been involved from start to the end?

No one liked this third teacher, Some of us thought she was unfair. And she is always late to the class. She just seems to be generally lost. But it hit me, she does not have that great connection with our class as the other teachers had. And I feel sorry for her. If people think she’s unfair… talk to the headmaster, or to her? and ask what she was thinking when she graded the you?

My comment translated into English sounds like this.

”Can not say that I am the biggest fan of her … but your a bit cruel actually. You can’t just blame her. If it’s that bad, and you think she’s unfair, you should ask her how to improve yourself.  Or talk to the headmaster. I feel sorry for her. She doesn’t have any contact with the class:( ”

However…… Lots of Love. From Me ♥

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