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Lying on the floor giggling

december 17, 2011

I’m so bored! I’ve been studying all day long. I have to write an Academic Paper which I have to give to my teacher on monday. I think everyone in my class hate their life right now, because this is so sucky! haha I know that ”sucky” isn’t a word.. but from now on, it is!

However I’m writing about Scouting. My aim is to find out if Scouting has influenced the world in some way. The Scout movement was founded over a hundred years ago and around the world, there are a total of 38 million scouts.
That’s a lot of scouts and I believe it has done something well to world.

However. My homeworks are taking over my life! It’s just a few months left and then I’m free! and I can finally go to ciudad de mis sueños, Santiago de Chile!

But right now, I miss my friend! Actually my classmate, but it’s like we don’t have time to spend that much time together anymore. It sucks. I just spokend to her in phone… my beautiful friend. I would meet her tonight if it wasn’t because of my Academic Paper. So I really do hate it right now.

By the way, it was kind of fun. I was eating dinner when I talked to her, and my mom and her boyfriend was downstairs and I was sitting by my self with my friend in phone, and suddenly, I feel something under my feet.. hm? I turned around, no one is there and when I look down it’s my mom’s boyfriend who had crawled on the floor so I wouldn’t see him and are now under my chair to tickle me under my foot. I had to keep myself from laughing so I wouldn’t interrupting my friend who was talking. How often do you find a forty-year-old man lying on the floor giggling, under your chair?

click on the images to make it larger. My friend is so beautiful! Beautiful as a sunny day! ♥


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  1. Linnea permalink
    december 19, 2011 1:26 e m

    You are an amazing friend! ❤ I am so lucky to have you. Miss you too. ❤


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