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So weird…

december 21, 2011

I’ve just finished watching Something’s Gotta Give. A really good movie. One guy looked really neat but I did not recognize him and thought. wow … who is this stunning gorgeous man? why have I never seen him before? I waited for the credits to the movie so I got to see his name. Keanu Reeves .. sounds pretty familiar, but no. Must check on IMDb.

I must say that I got a bit of a shock when I saw what movies he played in. It turned out that many of those movies are movies that I really like.. for example: Speed, Matrix and Matrix reloaded, The Devil’s Advocate, The Lake House and The Watcher..  I feel blind right now. How can I possible have missed him? I mean seriously, how can this be the first time I noticed how cute he is? I was thinking the whole time that one day, my future husband will look just like that, exactly, precisely, just like he does.

That won’t happen so… dream on Natascha! but still, very cute. So cute I just had to write about him!

The two first photos is from the movie I saw.. Something’s gotta give. isn’t he cuuuute? The third photo is just kind of a hot picture. Haha. And the rest of them are just really good photos!

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