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continuation of the previous post..

december 29, 2011

I’m sorry, the internet has not been working since last time I wrote.. disturbing!

So…. do you want to know which ones I’ve been in love with?

The first celebrity I was really in love with was Lil Romeo, I was 13-14 years old.. I was watching the movie Honey, all the time, and it hit me, that one guy in that movie was really cute. And that guy was Lil Romeo, and no one but me knew who he was. Or I mean, until everyone found out that I was in love with him. But then I fell in love with my first boyfriend, my first love. And when he dumped me, I started listening to a song called Funny little world with Alexander Rybak. I loved that song and it made me feel good when I was so sad about being dumped and unhappy in love, so I thought, maybe he has something else that makes me feel good. And I found this song…. abandoned. I loved it, I couldn’t stop listening.

Click on the quote and you’ll hear the song.

You scratched me like a perfume and
Erasing all the feelings that I had
And all the time you faked this loneliness
Cause you wouldn’t see my twisted mess

I thought that Alexander Rybak was the best person in the whole world who understood this phenomenon called love. (I’m laughing at myself right now, I’m sooo weird) So yes I fell in love with Alexander Rybak because of a song that made me feel understood. Not a good thing for me.

He had recently competed in the Eurovision Song Contest. He hit the winning record with his song Fairytale (appropriately in this context, huh?) Anyway. Everyone thought he was the world’s ugliest. He sang well and looked ridiculous with his little violin that he played on. Everyone except me. I melted and thought he was so incredibly beautiful. Something that was not to my advantage was that he was apparently quite similar to my ex who had just dumped me. Everyone thought I was in love with Alexander just because he looked like my ex. It was not true, I personally did not even think they were similar. So incredibly annoying. But unlike Lil Romeo, there was actually a chance for me to meet him in any way, he’s Norwegian and spent a lot of time in Stockholm. I went with my friends to watch him when he played and then had my first eye contact with him. It was pretty embarrassing because he just shook his head because I had shouted a mixture of fear and joy and the next second he was gone. I almost started crying, and the concert was really bad so he went down in my eyes.

But then I fell in love with my recent ex-boyfriend. And Alexander Rybak was no one. After a few months together, I had my birthday. Alexander Rybak was participating in a competition which is Sweden’s equivalent of America’s Dancing with the Stars, and it’s called Let’s Dance. And my sister gave me a ticket so she and I went there to watch him dance. He was great! And during the break, I ran up to him and asked him if I could take a picture with him. And he smacked me on the ass and said, Yes! Give me a big smile! My sister took the photo and he turned and ran away. Now he fell even more in my eyes. He had taken me on the butt, he was not exactly friendly, and his concert that I had been on was far too nonchalant.

He ran behind the scenes before you even had time to try to look good. Thereof, I had to cover my mouth. Just because it became ugly...

So it’s not good to fall in love with celebrities. You don’t know them. You just make your own picture of the man who you think is perfect but once you meet him in real life, your image is ruined, and you get hurt anyway. So what is the conclusion here? That you should never fall in love or.. daring to take risks? I would say it is important to take risks. It would have been quite contradictory if I said the opposite after this blog post, right?

And I believe that love means that you should dare to take risks. And that you should dare to give everything. And that emotions should be in focus. So Ivalej! There you got your answer to the question you asked me yesterday! =) I hope the answer is good enough!

Lots of Love, Natascha ♥

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