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februari 4, 2012

I’ve just watched Swedish Eurovision Song Contest.

It was the first qualifying round and I almost wanted to die. The first contribution was Sean Banan … SEAN BA.. FUCKING.. NAN!, you know, in English, his name sean banana. It’s so embarrassing and he was singing about thongs and his ding ding ding … And you know what! He proceeded to the second chance. I am soooo mad! How does the Swedish people think? Do we really want to send Sean Banana to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest so that all the European countries can laugh at us? I am ashamed. As soon as he appeared in the picture he was humping a bit and poked in the nose, ugh.

Luckily, we sent a good contribution to the Swedish final and it was a little relief.

Here is a youtube clip with Sean Banan(a) if you want to see .. I found nothing in English but it does not really matter because you still can’t hear what he sings even if your from sweden.

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