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Holy Monday (or at least today’s Monday is!)

februari 20, 2012

I’m sitting here in my room.. and I stare at the floor and I am smelling my hair and have done for nearly ten minutes. (I might have a diagnosis? Retarded-smelling-your-hair-diagnosis)

What a busy day I’ve had. Been home and cleaned both my room and my bathroom, cut a pair of shorts out of a pair of ugly jeans and spoiled my body with different peelings and smell-good products. And I feel pretty damn good and calm. And in an hour, I’ll take the bus to Linnea and we’ll eat dinner and then we go out to a great nightspot and take a glass of wine.

Yes it is a great way to start the week on! 😀

By the way, I have encountered problems. I got a choice issue! Who should I choose? The person that interests me the most, but who I don’t know what he think about me? or the one who clearly said what he wants with me? But who I’m not interested in at all? yet (!?)

I think I gave myself the answer here. I would be stupid otherwise. I have written before that I think love is to dare! so I guess I shouldn’t go for the safest way here. So I think I’ll go my own little way instead and just keep my fingers crossed instead. It’s well needed! because I may get completely alone haha. ”Uncertainties” is stupid as fuck! But still.. fun, if I get what I want! 😛

God I am hungry! Have to pack my bag and soon enough walk to the bus!


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